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Get the one your heart wants

Compact and bijoux or beast under the bonnet, whatever kind of car makes you feel good on the road, we’ve got finance for it. If you’re not bothered about owning the car outright, there’s no need to pay the full cost upfront.

Here at Satellite Finance, we offer two types of car finance. Contract hire, which essentially means you rent a car for a certain period of time and then return it, and hire purchase, which means you own the car once you’ve made the agreed repayments.

If ownership isn’t important to you but low monthly repayments are, contract hire is probably best. If you’d rather own the car after the hiring period, opt for hire purchase.

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Car Finance

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase allows you to rent the car you want for an agreed length of time, and once all repayments are made, it's yours.

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Car Finance

Contract Hire

Just like you can rent a room or a house for a certain length of time, you can rent a car.

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