Get the equipment you need - without sabotaging your cash flow

Fact: growing your business requires new equipment. That yellow digger that will speed up work on site tenfold. The office re-fit that takes the working environment from ordinary to extraordinary. The more efficient printer that will multiply your office admin productivity. Or that total computer system upgrade that’s been overdue since 1998…

The issue? Buying that equipment outright would put big pressure on your cash resources.

The answer? Asset finance.

What is asset finance?

Asset finance allows you to invest in the equipment that will help your business swell and thrive, without paying for it all upfront. The cost of the equipment is spread over the course of its ‘economic life’ (the period of time it’s expected to be usable for) and you make fixed payments every month for 12 - 72 months.

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What are the biggest benefits?

It prevents a cash flow burden and a whole lot of financial anxiety being dumped on your shoulders

It may reduce some of the risks that outright ownership could come with

You can buy higher standard equipment (the equipment you really want) that would simply be too expensive if you bought it outright

Future budgeting is much easier because your payments are fixed, even if interest rates go up

It can be more tax efficient than standard-term loans because payments are booked as expenses

Types of Finance

Asset Finance

Hire Purchase

Want to keep an eye on your outgoings? Hire Purchase could be right for you.

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Asset Finance

Equipment Leasing

Don't waste money buying when you can save money renting. This is great if you only need equipment for now, and not forever.

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Asset Finance

Refinancing Equipment

Your equipment can do a lot more than service your business - it can release money right back into your account.

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