Swiftly and easily release money from your existing assets

Your equipment can do a lot more than service your business - it can release money right back into your bank account. Whether you need a super quick cash injection for part of your business, or you want to restructure an existing finance agreement, refinancing assets you’ve already got could be just the ticket.

Your equipment will be valued, ownership will be checked, and cash flow could be flowing again in a matter of hours.

Why is Satellite Finance right for you?

  • Your money will be in your account within 24 hours
  • You can refinance equipment from £10,000 to a cool £2 million
  • You’ll get a decision within just 3 hours - and our acceptance rates are high
  • There are no conditions on the size of your business
  • We have facilities for all types of credit
  • You can receive up to 80% of the value of your assets

When you want money fast, you don’t want to wait for a bank.

Refinancing Equipment Image

Benefits of Refinancing Equipment

It can be used for almost any purpose, like reducing your existing monthly commitments, management buy outs, or raising capital for other purchases

It allows for raising money in a tax efficient way