Newsflash: You don’t need a bank to get a loan

Your bank account can’t cover everything you need without a little help. When you go looking for a lump sum of money, you want to get it for the best deal possible (and without waiting half your lifetime).

Loans come in all shapes and sizes - and so do the places you can get them from. Banks have an inconvenient tendency to wrap everything in red tape, elongate the process, and take up far too much of the time you could be spending on your business or with your family. Luckily, we do things rather differently. 

Satellite Finance has relationships with over 40 lenders and more knowledge of rates and the marketplace than anyone could shake a stick at, so finding the best deal for you is what we’re best at. All the legwork is done on your behalf - and you don’t have to pay us any extra for saving you the bother.

What is a loan?

A loan is an arrangement where a lender provides money to a borrower, and the borrower repays it over time in installments, usually with interest.

What are the biggest benefits?

  • Your cash flow is given a health shot
  • A loan isn’t repayable on demand (like an overdraft), so you can easily budget for the future
  • You know exactly how much you need to pay every month, making cash flow much more predictable
  • The interest paid on a business loan is tax deductible
  • Some loans are adjustable - ideal if you wanted to increase your repayments, for example

What types of loan are available?

We offer four types of loan:

Business loans

Funding that covers your expenditures - and your backside. Short-term, long-term, secured, unsecured, we’ll find the right loan for your business.

Professional loans

Business finance that’s specific to your profession. From accountants and solicitors, to doctors and vets.

Personal loans

The loan that would make you happy. Be it because of a new car, holiday, or to treat yourself to something you desperately want.

Corporate tax & VAT loans

A loan to cover expected or unexpected tax bills.

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Commercial Loans

Money in your bank in less than 24 hours to help you make investments to grow your business.

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Professional Loans

Designed for specific professions, a professional loan is ideal for helping pay for staff training, bills or aged debts.

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Personal Loans

We can't all pay for things we and want and need upfront. Fast track your way to the future you want with a personal loan.

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Corporate Tax & VAT Loans

Corporate tax loans allow you to get the money you need to cover tax bills and then pay the loan off in manageable chunks.

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