Money in your bank in less than 24 hours

In business, you know that growth requires investment. It could be long-term investment for the business expansion you’ve been planning for ages, or the one-off major outlay that’s looming. It could be short-term investment for the office refurbishment, or to see you through a quiet season. Whatever your circumstances, there’s a loan to fit.

A commercial loan means you don’t have to keep waiting to take the action that you know is going to get you closer to hitting that revenue goal. It means you don’t have to turn down the opportunities that pop up because you can’t afford them. And it means you can make positive change happen, right now.

Why is Satellite Finance right for you?

  • You can borrow as little as £3,000 or as much as £1 million
  • That money can be with you in under 24 hours
  • Your repayment period can be anywhere between 1 week and 10 years (depending on how much you borrow)
  • Our acceptance rates are very, very high and our terms are very, very competitive
  • You can use the loan for any purpose - maybe for an expansion, a commercial mortgage, or even a dreaded tax bill
  • Your loan can be secured or unsecured, so you don’t have to borrow against business property or assets if you don’t want to
  • Our rates and terms won’t feel like a burden - they’re both competitive and flexible so you get an arrangement that’s affordable and convenient

Making an investment in your business is making an investment in your business’ future.


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