Stop waiting for what you want

We can’t all pay for the things we want and need upfront. But that’s ok. You can fast-track your way to the future you want with a personal loan. Buy the car that calls your name with its engine, book the wedding you’ve been planning since you were 5, take that seriously overdue holiday because you just need a break. You could even consolidate your existing credit card debt into one loan. Smart (and a lot less stressful).

If an overdraft isn’t enough, a personal loan could be the answer. It’s an easy way to get the money you need, now.

Why is Satellite Finance right for you?

  • You can borrow as little as £1,000 or as much as £25,000
  • That money can be with you in under 24 hours
  • Your repayment period can be anywhere between 1 week and 5 years (depending on how much you borrow)
  • Our acceptance rates are high
  • Our repayment rates are low
  • Monthly repayments are fixed, so you know exactly what to expect and can budget easily
  • Your loan can be secured or unsecured, so you don’t have to borrow against property or assets if you don’t want to
  • Our rates and terms won’t feel like a burden - they’re both competitive and flexible so you get an arrangement that’s affordable and convenient

Borrowing money doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Time to stop wishing and start acting.

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