Own the car one day, not today

That car that makes you swoon when you see it could be yours, even if you think you can’t afford it. Hire purchase allows you to rent the car you want for an agreed length of time, and once that time is up and all repayments have been made, the car becomes yours. What’s more, if you decide at any point during the agreement that you want to sell it - you can!

Why is Satellite Finance right for me?

  • The initial deposit is low - usually just 10% or one monthly payment
  • All monthly repayments are fixed and very reasonable, so you’ll know exactly how much disposable income you have left
  • We have the best rates in the marketplace, thanks to our super experienced vehicle team
  • All you have to do is choose the car you want or take your pick from our pretty darn good car deals and we’ll handle the finance
  • Our vehicle team are exceptionally experienced - they’ve got the best funding partners and they’ll get you the best rates
  • We can set payments to suit your budget and leave a larger payment at the end of the agreement period