The best is better than the cheapest

When choosing a car, van, truck, or entire fleet for your business, you want a vehicle that’s as reliable as it is professional. Perhaps one with a few more mod-cons, more space, or in-built sat-nav for those long journeys. The best might be out your price range, but vehicle finance can solve that problem easily.

Here at Satellite Finance, we offer three types of commercial vehicle finance. Hire purchase, which means you rent a vehicle for a certain period and then own it once you’ve made the agreed repayments, leasing, which allows you to rent a vehicle for a length of time and then return it, and contract hire, which means you rent a vehicle for a length of time and return it, but are responsible for the upkeep.

If ownership isn’t important to you, and you’d rather get new commercial vehicles every few years, leasing or contract hire is probably best. If you’d rather own the vehicle after the hiring period or want it as an asset on your balance sheet, opt for hire purchase.

Why is Satellite Finance right for me?

  • Typical repayment terms are between 12 and 72 months
  • The initial deposit is low - usually just 10% or one monthly payment
  • All monthly repayments are fixed and very reasonable, so you’ll know exactly how much disposable income you have left
  • You’ll have access to rates from less than 2% flat fee
  • All ages are covered, so you can get finance for a brand new vehicle or an old banger
  • You can make low monthly payments throughout your agreement and one larger payment at the end
  • You’ve got access to totally free expert advice if you’re not sure of what’s best for you

Commercial Vehicles

Hire Purchase

With hire purchase through Satellite Finance, you don’t have to settle for anything.

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Commercial Vehicles

Vehicle Leasing

Giving you the opportunity to drive away the vehicle that’s best for your business, not just the one that’s most affordable.

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