Get instant payment for a single unpaid invoice

Need an easily accessible bit of money to tide you over for the month? Got one outstanding invoice that, if paid, means you could comfortably cover salaries without concern? Select invoice financing allows you to sell a single invoice to a third party for a percentage of what it’s worth (typically around 90%). You don’t have to wait any longer to get a cash injection into your bank account, and the third party takes a small fee. You could even get select invoice finance on a batch of invoices from the same debtor.

You’ll still handle your sales ledger and any debt collection - so your customers don’t ever have to know that you’re using invoice finance.

Why is Satellite Finance right for me?

  • However old your business is, whatever stage it’s at, whatever industry it’s in, you can get select invoice finance from us
  • You’ll be set up and ready to go within 5 days
  • There are no ongoing contractual obligations
  • You don’t have to pay any set-up, arrangement, maintenance, or exit costs
  • You only pay when you’re using the facillity - and you only pay the pre-agreed daily rate
  • We keep things simple - you pay a single percentage charge based on the amount advanced and that’s it
  • The rate you pay will be directly linked to your specific circumstances
Select Invoice Financing Image