Direct access to the money tied up in unpaid invoices

Give your cash flow a well deserved health kick by selling your unpaid invoices to a third party for an upfront percentage of what they’re worth (up to 90%). When a customer pays an invoice, the amount goes straight to the third party. As the amount owed decreases, you can borrow more money on new invoices - which means your cash flow health kick keeps on kicking.

You’ll still handle your sales ledger and any debt collection - so your customers don’t ever have to know that you’re using invoice finance. This also lets you maintain closer relationships with them. Win-win.

Why is Satellite Finance right for me?

  • Even if you already have a facility with another invoice finance provider, thanks to our massive panel of funders we can quickly search the marketplace to find you a cheaper and more flexible facilty
  • Our relationships with funders allow us to find a provider that treats you like a person and not just a number at a call centre
  • We make sure that the arrangement is made confidentially so your customers aren’t aware you’re borrowing against their invoices.
Invoice Discounting Image